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Gatebil Vålerbanen!

The epicnes of the norwegian festival has started! This weekend we went to Gatebil in Våler norway to meet up with old friends and some new ones! Gatebil is one of those things you just need to check out if you are in norway some time! badass drifters, drag and timeattack cars are showing of the skills they have been working on for many years! Some of the rookies are even more maniacs on the track to show of what they got in store for the audience! Fredrik Myhre taking a dirt drop! Roger Nærum smoking up some red once! Andrè Thorvaldsen is going for victory at powerdrift round at gatebil! Fredrik (fredox) Øksnevad is pushing the limits in the new build Spy+ Toyota Soarer V8! Team DriftMonkey are going big this year at Gatebil! Reidar Andresen is testing one of the twin monkey supras for the first time! Kenneth Alm is showing of the audi quattro! aasbo drifting gt86 Fredric Aasbø in his crazy Toyota GT86, his driving style is insane to watch. Check out more one the facebook page!